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Newspaper article on Fulbright press conference that I co-addressed

Newspaper article on Fulbright press conference that I co-addressed

I am very interested in using my research to benefit the world. My Fulbright grant, on the theme of Supercomputing for Policy Decisions, initiated research in this direction.

I consider teaching as another contribution I make for the benefit of the world. I impose high academic standards on students so that they can be successful in their career in a business environment that requires them to be globally competitive.






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My son, with my favorite tennis player, Federer


I am interested in sports, particularly in Tennis, Cricket, Table Tennis, and Badminton. I am well past my prime in these, but I have won as many Wimbledon titles as some of the tennis greats, such as Ivan Lendl and Andy Roddick. However, I am a better spectator than a sportsman.

Politics is one of my favorite spectator sports. I am a fiscal conservative, and I exemplify it in my personal life; my debt is trillions of dollars lower than that of the US government.

One of my favorite hobbies is studying philosophy, particularly ancient Indian philosophical systems. I appreciate the reverence for nature in Indian traditions, and spend my vacations in scenic places, as shown in the pictures below.











My favorite vacation place, near Destin