Policy for Selection of Departmental Representative at Graduation
Adopted by the Department of Computer Science 11/14/94

Rules imposed by the University

  1. We are required to have a faculty representative of the department at graduation. This representative may not hood doctoral students.
  2. If a doctoral student attends his or her graduation ceremony, it is the responsibility of the major professor to be there to hood the student, or to arrange for another departmental faculty member to do it. Neither members of the graduation staff nor the departmental representative may hood, so don't ask them to do it. (If the major professor absolutesly cannot do the hooding, another member of the committee should be asked to do it.)

The departmental algorithm for selecting a representative


  1. The top person on the list who is not on leave and not hooding one of his or her students is the designated departmental representative. This person (hereinafter called the "designee") has the responsibility. It is perfectly acceptable for the designee to allow another faculty member (not otherwise obligated in the graduation ceremony) to substitute.
  2. Credits are updated after each semester, and the new ordered list is formed by inserting the people with new counts back into the list. A person whose priority changes goes to the back of the list within a given category. Otherwise order within each priority is unchanged. Credit is issued for either being departmental rep or hooding 1 or more students.
  3. New faculty go to the back of the priority 0 subqueue in the order in which they formally accept a position.

Note 1: Each semester, the department is asked to submit in writing the name of the designee.

Note 2: The list was initialized as follows:

For those with priority > 0, the order is by time since entering that category. For those with no previous service, the order was determined by random draw.