Evidence of Performance

Your faculty contract (the UFF-FSU Collective Bargaining Agreement) says:

"10.2(d) Evidence of Performance Report. The administrator responsible for the annual evaluation shall request each member of the faculty to submit to him or her, Article 10 Performance Evaluations 31 annually, a report of Evidence of Performance in teaching, research or creative activities, service, and other University duties where appropriate.

(1) The Evidence of Performance report (EOP) shall be submitted after the end of each calendar year, and shall cover the preceding calendar year.

(2) Each department/unit shall specify in detail the required format and minimal content of the EOP, pursuant to Section 10.4.

(3) The EOP shall also include any interpretive comments or supporting data that the Faculty member deems appropriate in evaluating his or her performance.

(4) Any materials required for the EOP that depend on the University administration shall be provided to the faculty member no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the date upon which the Evidence of Performance is due."

The EOP document is very important because the data contained in it is used to evaluate both the individual faculty and the department. It is audited by the State for compliance with the "12-Hour Law", checked against PARS forms for auditing faculty time reporting data, and used by the Provost in making decisions regarding departmental allocations of budget, faculty lines, and other resources. Therefore, failure to submit the information on time is sufficient cause for an expression of official concern on an individual's annual evaluation.

To reduce duplicative paperwork, you submit this information at the same time as you update your FEC binder, and provide it in the same format required by the department's Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC).

You are required to include all the items specified, or indicate "none" if you have no evidence for a particular item this year. A few sample items of information are included, by way of example. You are expected to remove these and replace them with your own information.

The data is only for a one year period starting with January and ending with December. The example is for the period January 1999 through December 1999. You are expected to replace internal references to 1999 as appropriate to fit it to the current year.

Regretably, cannot have just one document for both EOP and FEC vitae, but it is possible to organize the data within your FEC vita in a way that permits simply cutting and pasting the relevant items into the EOP document.

Templates for the form are provided in two formats:

Please do follow the outline format of these templates, and include all the requested information.

It is up to you whether you actually use these templates as outlines to paste in materials cut from your FEC vita, or type in the EOP from scratch using your own favorite text processing tool. If you use the template, please delete the instructions. In the LaTeX form that can be done by simply defining the bodies of a few macros (mainly \inst} to be null.

Note that wherever the instructions ask for data for ``this year'' it means the just-completed calendar year, i.e., from 1 January through 31 December.