Policy on Tutors

This department discourages the use of tutors. Students who have problems in a course should first contact their instructor. A student who needs a modest amount of individual help should get it from the instructor and teaching assistants for the course.

While we cannot prevent a student from hiring a tutor, we will not endorse or recommend anyone as a tutor, nor will we act as intermediary for students attempting to locate a tutor.

This policy is based on the following considerations:

Note: The policy of discouraging the use of tutors does not apply to accomodations for disabilities that are approved by the Student Disability Resource Center.

If such a student wants to find a tutor, there are usually some upper level undergraduate students and graduate students who are willing to serve as tutors. Notices soliciting and offering tutoring services show up on bulletin boards in the Love Building from time to time. Anyone can send e-mail to graduate students from within the department using the e-mail alias "". Though the page was not intended for that purpose, requests for tutors may also be posted on the department's job announcement page (

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