MobiDE 2009
Eighth International ACM Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access
10 Year Anniversary
June 29th, 2009, Providence, Rhode Island, USA (in conjunction with SIGMOD/PODS 2009)
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Panel Moderator: Panos K. Chrysanthis (University of Pittsburgh)

Title: 20 Years of Mobile Data Management Research: Vision and Reality


Since the first research papers on mobile computing (c. 1989), 
enabled by the phenomenal progress of portable computers in the 
last 25 years, the vision of mobile computing some times has been 
riding the technology wave and other times has been ahead of the 
technology wave. As a result over the years, mobile computing has 
appeared under many aliases and new meanings: Portable, Nomadic, 
Mobile and Wireless, Pervasive, Invisible and Ubiquitous Computing. 
Irrespective of the alias, power-aware, context-aware, location-aware, 
mobile and wireless data management has been in the core of mobile 
computing and its vision can been simply summarized in three letters AAA: 

Anywhere, Anytime and in Any way/form.

The goal of the panel is to discuss (1) to what extend this vision 
of reliable access to information and services anywhere, anytime and 
anyway has been achieved, for example, with smart phones  - today's pervasive 
mobile device and (2) how research in mobile and wireless data management can 
continue to be transformative. 


Magdalena Balazinska, University of Washington, USA
Le Gruenwal, University of Oklahoma, USA
Stratis D. Viglas, University of Edinburgh, UK