Undergraduate Courses or Equivalents Required for Graduate PhD CS and MS CS Degrees

Note: For those students who do NOT have an undergraduate BS degree in Computer Science, the following courses or their equivalents at another institution must be completed before the graduate PhD CS or MS CS degree will be awarded. The list assumes courses in basic programming skills. Please see the web pages for the MS CC or MS CNSA degrees for the undergraduate prerequisites required for these degrees.

Each newly admitted student must meet with the Director of Graduate Studies to complete a form indicating if any of the following must be taken. The form will be maintained in the student's file and checked during the departmental graduation check.

Also note that if a student has a BS in CS from another institution (not FSU) there may be one or more courses that we require that were not required at the student's institution. These courses must be taken prior to graduation.

The courses in the list below are pre-requisites to one or more of our graduate courses.

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