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MS Computer Network & System Administration

Admissions Requirements

Students pursuing the MS in Computer Network & System Administration (MS CNSA) degree will be admitted to and graduate from the Computer Science Department. Thus, the minimal admissions requirements are (1) an undergraduate GPA of no less than 3.0 and (2) a score of 1000 or greater on the combined verbal and quantitative portions of the GRE.

Degree Requirements

The MS CNSA program will have 3 options, similar to the MS CS degree. Students may pursue a coursework only, project, or thesis option. In all options for the MS CNSA program, a student must complete 35 hours in computer science courses numbered 5000 or above, including CIS 5935 (2) Introductory Seminar on Research. The other 33 hours will consist of regular courses, approved offerings of CIS 5930 and CIS 6930 (Special Topics), and at most 9 thesis hours or 6 project hours if enrolled in the thesis or project options respectively.

In addition, the CNSA program has an experience requirement, and students will be required to complete system administration internship(s) to complete this requirement. The CNSA program works with various departments and colleges on the FSU campus to provide local system administration internships for students.

At most one course outside the department at the 5000 or 6000 level can also count towards the 35 hours if approved by the major professor and Director of Graduate Studies. Supervised teaching, supervised research, seminars, DIS and courses with prefix CGS do not count towards the 35 hours. The student must receive a grade of "B-" or better on all graduate courses taken to satisfy the minimum course requirements of the degree (other than thesis and project hours). Once these minimum requirements are met it is permissible to take any subsequent courses on an "S/U" basis. All work for the Masters degree, including any transferred credit, must be completed within seven (7) calendar years of the date of graduation.

In addition, MS CNSA students will have to complete certain undergraduate prerequisites, shown below, before graduating, and will likely have to complete a subset of these courses before being admitted to the MS CNSA degree program.

Undergraduate Prerequisites for the MS CNSA Degree Program:

  • CDA 3100 Computer Organization I (3)
  • CDA 3101 Computer Organization II (3)
  • COP 4530 Data Structures, Algorithms, and Generic Programming (3)
  • COP 4610 Operating Systems and Concurrent Programming (3)

The following courses are the core requirements for the MS CNSA degree.

Computer Science Courses Required for MS CNSA Students:

  • CDA 5155 Computer Architecture (3)
  • CNT 5412 Network Security, Active and Passive Defenses (3)
  • CNT 5505 Data and Computer Communications (3)
  • CNT 5605 Computer and Network Administration (3)
  • COP 5611 Advanced Operating Systems (3)
  • COP 5570 Concurrent, Parallel, and Distributed Programming (3)

It is possible for the MS CNSA student to fulfill an NSA approved certificate program, which will facilitate graduates from the program with getting employment with a federal government agency or a government contractor after they graduate. The MS CNSA student can use two of the available elective courses to take COP 5725 Database Systems and CIS 5370 Computer Security to fulfill the requirements. However, this certificate program is limited to US citizens only. A description of the certificate program is given at http://www.cs.fsu.edu/current/grad/certificate.php.

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